Monday, December 15, 2008

Building Vibrant Open Source Communities

This is a presentation I gave in March with Fabrizio from Funambol... with a few changes to reflect new observations since then :)


mray said...

Just wanted to say I thought your slides were spot-on. As we continue to build our community, the Community Best Practices are what we've been shooting for, just nice to see them captured and visualized. Concise and to the point, good stuff.

Matt Ray
Zenoss Community Manager

Karin Hiebert said...

I love this presentation, looks good... very good....

I would like to learn more.

please get back to me,

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt! Thanks for your note - you're free to use any of this, although I like it when people give me credit :)

Karin - thanks for the note. What would you like to know?